OFF-Page SEO techniques 2019

Off-Page SEO techniques 2019.

Hello, my name is Pankaj or which is a topic that is SEO based on the page. What is off-page SEO techniques This page is based on the website’s website ranking or website traffic increase? search engine optimization

I’m going to rank me on the website’s website. You have the right to take a step by step page on the SEO page.

What is API and how to use API

1) search engine submission

new website To find a website that has a search engine, go to the website to search for whatever search or website you want to visit. Google is able to log in with a search engine – it is possible to search all topics by logging in or commenting on the Hume website so that our website appears in the results of all those search engines and we can get traffic to our website.

Example: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

 2.Off-pa SEO plugins

Pinging adds to your website search engine’s different browsers and social bookmarking sites, which allow you to grow backlinks as well as the other browsers of your website search engine and the potential of your website is displayed in search results. Example: blogs, WordPress.par website BANATe hai This is the most popular article submission sites. You can create backlinks to your website and articles by writing a small article on it.

3) How to create a backlink?


There are many blog directory sites on the internet that you can submit your blog for free. By submitting your blog to blog directory sites, you follow backlinks for your website.

How to use the jetpack plugin

Because docs follow backlinks are very important for the website, so you submit more on blog directory sites to most of your blog directory sites but one more important thing is that when you submit to your website blog directory site, you will get a category Off-page SEO “is very important for any website, because with the help of off-page SEO, Nee can promote the website and make maximum backlinks, which means increased traffic on your website and you get the maximum benefit from your website.

Off-Page SEO: How do Link Building

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